Maryland Mock Trial

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About Maryland Mock Trial

The first thing to know about Maryland Mock Trial is that it’s unlike any other course offered at the University. Mock trial is more akin to competing for a UMD athletic team than a traditional class, but you also happen to get credit for it. The course is designed to introduce you to the key principles of trial advocacy through experiential learning and to prepare you for intercollegiate competitions sponsored by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA). While classes initially include lectures, the emphasis will be on learning through student participation in exercises and practice trials.

Members of Maryland Mock Trial travel to tournaments around the country as representatives of the University to compete against other schools. In the fall, teams attend invitational tournaments hosted by other colleges and universities. In the spring, teams compete in AMTA Regional and Opening Round Championship (ORCs) tournaments to qualify for the National Championship Tournament. Maryland Mock Trial has won more national championships (5) than any other program in the country.

Coached by law professors and practicing attorneys, many of whom are former UMD mockers, our students learn to communicate with confidence, problem-solve, argue persuasively and effectively, and become integral team players. Each year UMD Mock Trial has four or five different teams, allowing our program to accommodate students of all experience levels.

We are always looking for new competitors, so join us as we work towards our sixth national championship during the 2018-2019 season!

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10th Place in the Jacob Division
UMD mockers took 10th place in the National Championship Tournament in Orlando, Florida. (Bottom row, from left: Bradleigh Chance, Kelsey Sutton, Lauren Gerber, Ruth Vassilas, Courtney Watkins. Top row, from left: Hariton Wilson, Bryce Eikenberg, Peter Gaynor, Spencer Reiss, Joshua Rothman.)

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