Who can join?

Any UMD student can join regardless of his or her major, year, or (lack of) experience. We’re looking for students who can think on their feet, act, or have an interest in public speaking, performance, debate, or law.


How do I join? 

To join, you must register for the class for the fall semester. Mock Trial is offered as the following courses:

GVPT217 (PermReq): Mock Trial: Introduction to Trial Advocacy (3 credits)

GVPT317 (PermReq): Advanced Trial Advocacy (3 credits)

GVPT388M (PermReq): Topical Investigations: Mock Trial (1 credit)

               Note: GVPT388M can be taken three times for one credit per semester

To receive permission to sign up for the course, email Zac Mundy (, the program director.


What is the Mock Trial course?

The Mock Trial course is designed to introduce students to the key principles of trial advocacy through experiential learning and to prepare them for intercollegiate competitions sponsored by the American Mock Trial Association (AMTA). The emphasis of the course will be on learning through student participation in exercises and trials as well as the observation and analyses of other students’ performances. Through engaging in competition with classmates and teams from other institutions, students develop critical thinking and public speaking skills as well as knowledge of legal practices and procedures. As members of Maryland Mock Trial, you will travel to tournaments as representatives of the University of Maryland to compete against other colleges and universities.


How can I get more information?

Everyone on the team LOVES to talk about mock trial, so feel free to contact us with questions about the program or mock trial in general.



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